Sets(very easy approach)

Hello Readers

It is quite interesting to write about sets. I found that beginners face a lot of doubts to find out whether given collection of elements forms a set or not?

To delete their doubts from memory, I have explained this concept with lots of examples.


SET: Set is a collection of well-defined objects. 

Dear readers, you can find this definition in every book, but important is to understand what “well defined” word actually means?

In my words, well-defined means simply we can always tell what is and what is not a member of the set.

In other words, Set A is well defined if the elements of the set remain same in any aspect.

It does not matter who is answering about the elements of the set, the answer always remains the same. Follow some examples here.

Ex 1. A={All players in Indian cricket team-2018},

Does A form a set?

Yes, Because if you ask anybody, the answer is always the same. So the set A is a collection of well-defined elements. Further

Ex 2. Consider B={All the best players in Indian cricket team-2018}, Is B a set?

Take 2 minutes and think…..

The answer is No. Because the word “Best” is not clearly stating the property of elements in this collection. So B does not form a set.

I hope, I could remove your doubts. I am adding some other examples for you.

Ex 3. C={Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple} is a set or not?

Ex 4.  D={collection of balls}, is it a set?

Ex 5. E={collection of red color balls} forms a set?

Ex 6. F={Collection of good students in University} , Does F forms a set?


Thank you readers

we will continue it with answers in my next post.

Stay in touch, Stay learned.

Namita Tiwari











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