Equation of Plane(Assignment)

Hello readers,

Hope you have studied the theory of finding equation of plane


in detail. Now, apply this theory on practicals to better understand.


ok so, please go through the following assignment

You can post your queries/doubts/ corrections/solutions on the comment section.

Thank you

Stay safe.

19 thoughts on “Equation of Plane(Assignment)

  1. Mam i have done all the questions except 4th question so please give the solution of this question 🥰


  2. mam please explain change in order of integration and some important previous year question also as we are not any question banks through your language pdf is not clear.


    • Find equation of plane passing through given point, then this plane is given perpendicular to other two planes so use perpendicularity conditions in term of direction ratios and form equations in a,b,c,d.
      Solve them
      Find a,b,c,d
      So required plane is ax+by+cz+d=0


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