Range of function (Exercise)

Hello readersToday, I have an exercise for you based on my previous post regarding how to determine Range of function,https://namitatiwari.org/2020/04/09/range-of-real-valued-function/Hello So, please go through on above notes first and then take half an hour honestly to solve the following exercise; If you need answer of any question then please write me in the comment section. … Continue reading Range of function (Exercise)

Domain of Function (Continued….)

Hello readers How are you..? Let's continue my talk on determining the domain of function. I believe that you have gone through my previous post and done enough practice on the mentioned topic https://namitatiwaridotorg.wordpress.com/2020/04/07/domain-of-a-function/?preview=true So, today I am here with some questions for you. Are you ready? Go through the following; Thank you Stay at … Continue reading Domain of Function (Continued….)

Types of functions and their computations

Hello readers Let's start to talk more about functions.... By this post, I will make you able to identify the function type and count them, but first you promise me that you know what is function very well, please refer previous post, https://namitatiwaridotorg.wordpress.com/2020/04/04/function-mapping/?preview=true In short, function (machine) outputs in one-one, onto, many one, and into … Continue reading Types of functions and their computations