Direction Cosines and Direction ratios ( Practice Questions)

Hello readers It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.With this thought, let's continue our discussion on direction Cosines and ratios. I hope you have already gone through the mentioned topic in detail, if not then first refer the following; As much you do practicals, your understanding … Continue reading Direction Cosines and Direction ratios ( Practice Questions)

Direction Cosines and Direction ratios

Hello readersHave a nice day!Let's start today a very interesting topic i.e. 3-dimensional geometry.By this post you would be able to answer the following questions?1. How to locate a point in space geometrically?2. What is position vector?3. What are direction Cosines and direction ratios?4. How to find angle between two lines?Are you ready?So, go through … Continue reading Direction Cosines and Direction ratios

Range of function (Exercise)

Hello readersToday, I have an exercise for you based on my previous post regarding how to determine Range of function, So, please go through on above notes first and then take half an hour honestly to solve the following exercise; If you need answer of any question then please write me in the comment section. … Continue reading Range of function (Exercise)

Domain of Function (Continued….)

Hello readers How are you..? Let's continue my talk on determining the domain of function. I believe that you have gone through my previous post and done enough practice on the mentioned topic So, today I am here with some questions for you. Are you ready? Go through the following; Thank you Stay at … Continue reading Domain of Function (Continued….)