Domain of Function (Continued….)

Hello readers How are you..? Let's continue my talk on determining the domain of function. I believe that you have gone through my previous post and done enough practice on the mentioned topic So, today I am here with some questions for you. Are you ready? Go through the following; Thank you Stay at … Continue reading Domain of Function (Continued….)

Types of functions and their computations

Hello readers Let's start to talk more about functions.... By this post, I will make you able to identify the function type and count them, but first you promise me that you know what is function very well, please refer previous post, In short, function (machine) outputs in one-one, onto, many one, and into … Continue reading Types of functions and their computations

Sum and Product of Complex roots of Equation z^n = z_0

Hello readers, This post is related to calculate sum and product of roots of an equation in the complex variable z^n = z_0 where z_0 is given the complex number. You can refer to the following link to study how to calculate powers of complex number and roots of the complex variable equation z^n = … Continue reading Sum and Product of Complex roots of Equation z^n = z_0

Mathematics Books

Tutorials on Mathematics

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This time, I am here with links/pdf’s of good books and i am sure it is very helpful to the readers and specially for those who are preparing for Competitive exams like CSIR NET/SET/NBHM/TIFR/GATE etc . I think books are the best friends of learners.

So enjoy maths with the following e-books/pdf’s.

  1. John E. Freund’s Mathematical Statistics with Applications Irwin Miller Marylees Miller Eighth Edition
  2. Ponnusamy S., Silverman H (1). Complex variables with applications
  3. Gordon C. Everstine . Application of Linear Algebra
  4. Peeyush Chandra, A. K. Lal, V. Raghavendra, G. Santhanam ; Notes on Mathematics
  5. T. Muthukumar (IITK) ; Partial Differential Equation
  6. Thank You

Enjoy downloading

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