Relation and Function (Practice Questions)

"Strive for progress, not perfection"With this thought, start solving the following questions on Relation and function as you have already enough interaction with function, domain and range etc, if not then first go through the following;

Range of function (Exercise)

Hello readersToday, I have an exercise for you based on my previous post regarding how to determine Range of function, So, please go through on above notes first and then take half an hour honestly to solve the following exercise; If you need answer of any question then please write me in the comment section. … Continue reading Range of function (Exercise)

Domain of Function (Continued….)

Hello readers How are you..? Let's continue my talk on determining the domain of function. I believe that you have gone through my previous post and done enough practice on the mentioned topic So, today I am here with some questions for you. Are you ready? Go through the following; Thank you Stay at … Continue reading Domain of Function (Continued….)

Max Flow – Min Cut Theory

Hello Readers Hope you are doing well. Today i am here with detailed discussion on Max Flow - Min Cut problems and solutions. For application part you can refer my previous post Network Flows: Max Flow + MinCut Theory. Consider the following situation why Max flow is required. From the above image it is clear … Continue reading Max Flow – Min Cut Theory

Network Flows: Max Flow + MinCut Theory

Hello Readers Happy New Year 2018 Hope you are doing well. Today I am going to post a very very important topic of Graph theory that is Network Flows. Let us think two questions "What and Why" about Network Flows. Readers, just imagine you are a courier service provider and you have to deliver some … Continue reading Network Flows: Max Flow + MinCut Theory